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Flor essence A Seven Day Purification Program Kit

Posted by : alice lee on Dec 29,2015 12:52 PM

Our human body is self-sustaining and has a mechanism to remove waste and toxic materials from our body upto some extent. Nowadays impurity, both soluble and non-soluble has reached at such a critical stage that it has passed the brim upto which human body could clean on its own.

Due to all these impurities and toxic elements like preservatives and chemicals, polluting of water resources and addition of heavy metals in them, human body’s elimination mechanism is taking a major hit and cannot pace up with increasing impurities.

Flor Essence & day purification program kithas a powerful process comprising of three steps which helps in detoxifying the body and eliminating toxic in the body. It paces up the body’s natural process of detoxifying naturally. Other factors such as fasting may have a negative effect on daily functioning and performance of the body, leading towards a deteriorated life. Flor Essence& day purification program kitis the best treatment option to these complicated problems and most importantly, it has no side effects. It comprises of three steps mainly:

Flor Essence herbal tea blend:

Ontario based Nurse Rene caisse discovered a formula with 8 main herbs as ingredients in the 1920’s.She found about and did her expertise in traditional Ojibwa recipe that was the main medicine of their tribe. This recipe has root of burdock, bark of slippery elm, red clover.

Its effects were so promising that Rene devoted her life to improving and refine the formula for betterment of humanity. Her work was appraised by a physician of Former President John F Kennedy and both improved the formula and its marketing was done by Vancouver health educator and radio.

In less than 20 years about four million bottles of flor essence are sold worldwide in 20+ countries


Pro essence acts as a speeding up agent of urine in both males and females, thus accelerating detoxification. One must drink a lot of water due to speeding up of diuretic activities. Toxins which are water soluble are surely vented out of human system using this 5 herb formula drug. It is made from organic root of budrock, bark of slippery elm, juniper berry, ash bark and leaves of bearberry.

Floralax II:

Toxic waste materials are sometimes trapped and clung to our digestive tracts which make detoxifying a slow and long process. Floralax is made of oat bran, flax seeds and psyllium husks which make it a fibre rich element helping in digestion as it moves down the digestive tract, it carries that clingy toxic material with it too thus speeding up detoxification and has no side effects unlike other laxatives.

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